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Madison, WI – Today, State Treasurer candidate Sarah Godlewski pledged to reject corporate PAC donations and serve as a statewide leader in campaign finance reform.

“Wisconsin’s elections have fallen victim to corporate special interests for far too long. Billions have been spent buying elections and this must stop. Wisconsinites deserve to know their elected officials are not being controlled by corporations. This is especially true with the State’s Chief Banker. Taking this pledge is the first step in demonstrating my commitment to serving all Wisconsinites, not big business and special interest groups,” said Godlewski.

According to Wisconsin United to Amend, more than one hundred communities across Wisconsin have voted in favor of eliminating the corporate financial loophole set by the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Across the country, State Treasurers are leading the charge to end the influence of corporate special interests in elections. Godlewski is the only candidate running for Wisconsin State Treasurer to have taken the pledge.

Godlewski added, “We have seen firsthand with Foxconn how corporate influence outweighs the voices of Wisconsities. Money should not equal speech. Wisconsin needs a solution at the state level to address Citizens United and restore transparency and accountability—something I will fight for as your State Treasurer.”

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