June 1, 2018
Contact: Jessica Lovejoy (608) 318-3065

Oshkosh, WI – Sarah Godlewski, candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer, will address Wisconsin Democrats at their annual convention on Saturday, June 2.

Godlewski led the campaign to save the Treasurer’s Office, leading to a historic victory in the April 2018 referendum.

“We didn’t save this office to go back to the inaction of the last three incumbents. We saved this office to elevate the position to hold corporations and government accountable while protecting our tax dollars, and fighting for the vulnerable,” Godlewski said.

Jessica Lovejoy, campaign spokeswoman, said “Our primary opponents have focused their campaigns on their time in the Treasurer’s Office. Truth is after one term Wisconsin voters rejected one of them by a 7-point margin and the other served for three years as the spokesperson for a Republican who was actively trying to kill the office. They both had their chance to make a difference.”

“As Treasurer, I am not going to give away our shot at making a real impact for the people of Wisconsin,” Godlewski added.

In her speech, Godlewski will be sharing how she will use her experience working with government agencies, charities and socially responsible businesses, to be Wisconsin’s fiscal watchdog. Godlewski will hold the government, the legislature and corporations accountable while advocating for Wisconsin taxpayers—including standing up to Foxconn and financial scammers.

A transcript of Godlewski’s remarks will be available by request. For interested media outlets, Godlewski will hold press availability immediately following her remarks at approximately 11 am.

Please contact Jessica Lovejoy at (608) 318-3065 or, if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an interview.

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