Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz called on Dems today to work hard to build off the momentum of a blue wave.

With Democratic control of the governor’s office and the Legislature, he said lawmakers could pass progressive priorities such as paid universal family leave, protecting the state’s natural resources and aiding young people strapped with student loan debt.

He urged Dems to keep an eye toward victory in the fall.

“If we change the faces we can change the policies. We control our own destiny this fall,” he said.

With Democrats in power, Hintz said the state would be home to better infrastructure — including both roads and broadband — and relaxed marijuana laws.

He railed against Gov. Scott Walker for only prioritizing himself, and lashed out against his decisions for being short sighted and against the interest of the people of the state.

And he blamed the guv for failures at the Lincoln Hills youth prison. 

But to win in the fall, Hintz said Dems have to go beyond blaming the other side.

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