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MADISON – Today, Governor-elect Tony Evers released the following letter he sent to Governor Scott Walker asking him to withdraw the nearly fifty appointment referrals submitted to the State Senate:

The Honorable Governor Scott Walker

115 East Capitol

Madison, WI 53702

Via Hand Delivery

Governor Scott Walker:

The list of nearly fifty names you submitted yesterday for appointment to the State Senate that are expected to be voted on yet today is the latest example of putting politics before people.

In the midst of this already-extraordinary legislative session, it is extremely disappointing to see more attempts to further override the will of the people of Wisconsin. It is in these very times that the public expects so much more from us as elected leaders.

These appointments should be fully vetted in the next legislative biennium. Many of them have had no public hearing and some have not filed a statement of economic interest. Given the rushed timing and the fact that many of these appointments have gone unfilled for extended periods of time, I must request that you withdraw this slate of names to allow ample time for full review, not only for the State Senate, but for the people of Wisconsin, too.

As Governor, you have had the privilege for eight years to appoint Wisconsin citizens to more than 200 boards, commissions, and other bodies. Recognizing the important role these individuals play in affecting the lives of the people of this great state, these appointments should not be jammed through without transparency and time for full consideration by the people of Wisconsin and the State Legislature.


Governor-elect Tony Evers

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