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MADISON – Governor Scott Walker met with board members from the Wisconsin Hospital Association today to discuss his Health Care Stability Plan, a major part of his Ambitious Agenda for 2018. As proposed, the three-part plan would request a State Innovation Waiver to create a state reinsurance program, enact legislation that prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage to individuals with preexisting conditions, and request a permanent waiver for the state’s SeniorCare program.
“Wisconsin is a national leader in health care quality in large part because of the work of the Wisconsin Hospital Association. With our Health Care Stability Plan, we will ensure that Wisconsin also continues to be a leader in providing care for families, “said Governor Walker. “Our plan is created for Wisconsin citizens by creating policies to protect those with preexisting conditions, and create financial relief for seniors and those suffering from burdensome, ever-changing premiums on the individual marketplace because of Obamacare. We can continue to bring health care stability and peace of mind to everyone across the state.”

The State Innovation Waiver, a 1332 Waiver, would allow Wisconsin to stabilize rising health care premiums in the individual marketplace. Governor Walker’s plan would help to cover expensive medical claims for health insurers that are participating in the marketplace.

SeniorCare provides prescription drug coverage for senior citizens. The state has successfully received four past waiver extensions, and under Governor Walker’s Health Care Stability Plan, the state would seek a change in federal law to make the SeniorCare waiver permanent for Wisconsin’s seniors.

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