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MADISON – Governor Scott Walker will host the 27th Annual Governor’s Blue Ribbon Meat Products Auction this evening at the Wisconsin State Fair. Auction proceeds directly benefit the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation which supports more than 130,000 4-H youth across the state.

“We have raised record breaking amounts for the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation over the last three years—let’s make it another record-breaking year helping Wisconsin 4-H,” said Governor Walker. “The proceeds for this auction are helping the future of our state’s agricultural, farming, and business industries. With our state’s rich agricultural history, it’s important that we keep helping Wisconsin’s youth learn more about this critically important industry. Thanks to Wisconsin’s 4-H Foundation for all they do supporting Wisconsin’s kids.”

The 27th Annual Governor’s Blue Ribbon Meat Products Auction is held in conjunction with the Wisconsin State Fair Meat Products Contest, which is put on by the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors, UW-Extension, and the Wisconsin State Fair. In June, meat processors from throughout Wisconsin competed for champion awards that recognize superior Wisconsin food products. The best of Wisconsin’s Champion specialty meats like ham, bacon, sausage, and other specialty items, will be sold to the highest bidder tonight at the auction.

Over the last three years, money raised at the auction has surpassed the previous years’ record. In 2017, the auction raised over $130,000 breaking the 2016 record of $130,000.

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation works to develop and promote 4-H programs throughout the state and provide 4-H youth with real-world skills that will prepare them for challenges they’ll face in the future. The 4-H Foundation supports numerous development programs, helps fund attendance at national competitions and conferences, and grants college scholarships to support 4-H youth in continuing their education after high school. Learn more about the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation here.

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