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Visit Wellness Centers in Elkhorn, Madison and Host TIC Appreciation Lunch

MADISON – Governor Scott Walker and First Lady Tonette Walker recognized Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Day today by visiting Treehouse Child Wellness Center in Elkhorn and RISE in Madison to hear about the leading role TIC is having in Wisconsin communities. The Governor and First Lady also celebrated Trauma-Informed Care Day by hosting an appreciation lunch at the Executive Residence for organizations, legislators, and communities who utilize TIC to help Wisconsin families.

“We need to work together to spread awareness for TIC and recognize those who are already working to incorporate it into our communities,” said Governor Walker. “Across our state agencies, community organizations, schools, and everywhere in between we should see TIC because we all have a role to play. Thank you to Tonette for taking the reins and bringing this critical issue to the forefront not only in Wisconsin, but nationwide.”

RISE and Treehouse Child Wellness Center provide family wellness and mental health services to the communities of Dane and Walworth Counties. This family-oriented, community-based approach reflects the principles of TIC by supporting strong, stable families across Wisconsin and preventing child abuse through education, planning, and coordination with community resources. Rock County Human Services also participated in the visit to Treehouse to discuss the county’s incorporation of TIC into their work.

“We are working to shift perspectives in Wisconsin and nationwide,” said First Lady Walker. “Treehouse Child Wellness Center, Rock County Human Services, and RISE do an exceptional job of connecting with families on a personal level and helping them address their unique needs in order to build a positive family environment. We all play a critical role in TIC which is why we brought together legislators, organizations, and community leaders today to discuss additional ways we can help our communities. TIC is a way to prevent adversity, build resilience, and improve outcomes for children and families. We are moving closer to Wisconsin becoming the first trauma-informed state.”

First Lady Walker and Governor Walker hosted a luncheon in honor of Trauma-Informed Care Day bringing together leaders from throughout Wisconsin who are using TIC. The group included county leaders, legislators, and organizations.

TIC shifts perspectives from blaming people for their problems to using the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to guide and support the creation of new policies and practices. By building an understanding of how the past impacts the present, connections are made that progress towards healing and recovery. Being trauma-informed means recognizing the impact of toxic stress and changing the way we see, interpret, and interact with people.

Fostering Futures started in 2011 as an initiative of First Lady Walker to raise awareness around how childhood trauma can dramatically shape a person’s life. This initiative has grown over time to become a dynamic collaboration amongst many different organizational partners who share a common vision to prevent and reduce childhood trauma while working to improve the health and wellbeing of Wisconsin’s children and their families. Fostering Futures’ vision is for all Wisconsin families – regardless of their background – to live in thriving, nurturing communities that promote positive outcomes for children.

First Lady Walker has been working with the U.S. Senate to have the same designations applied nationally. On the international front, First Lady Walker introduced a visiting governmental delegation from Norway to many of the TIC activities across Wisconsin.

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