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[Madison, Wis.] – On Wednesday, Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch kicked off the general election campaign by visiting with job creators and workers across Wisconsin – visiting Onalaska, Eau Claire, Schofield, Green Bay, and Waukesha.

Throughout the day, Scott Walker laid out his plans to keep moving Wisconsin forward with reforms to expand youth apprenticeship programs to 7th and 8th graders, and offering up to $5,000 in tax credits for tech school and college graduates who live and work in Wisconsin. To help make child care more affordable, Scott Walker plans to enact a tax credit for working families. His positive agenda for Wisconsin’s future will keep our state working for generations to come.

Check out what’s in the news:

From the Lacrosse Tribune: “Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch kicked off a statewide campaign tour at L.B. White in Onalaska to tell voters about the governor’s four-pronged approach that they say will continue to build Wisconsin’s workforce by connecting students with careers, reducing student loan debt, helping seniors stay in their homes and provide affordable child care for working families.”

From WSAW 7 News: “Walker unveiled new tax credits for college graduates, seniors and a credit for child care costs. He said voting for Democratic Candidate Tony Evers would be a step backwards. ‘The difference is we embrace policies that move the state forward and he embraces policies that will take the state backwards,’ said Walker.”

From the Green Bay Press-Gazette: “His four-point plan calls for providing funds to schools to encourage apprenticeship programs in the trades for seventh- and eighth-graders and offering $5,000 tax credits to tech school and college graduates willing to commit to working and staying in Wisconsin for five years.”

From Wisconsin Public Radio: “Walker said he will also propose a tax credit designed to lower child care costs and continue a back-to-school sales tax holiday. At a campaign event at J&D Manufacturing in Altoona, Walker said his plan will keep the state’s economy moving.”

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