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Governor Walker: “As I promised, when we have a surplus, we will give it back to you.
It’s your money; not the government’s.”

MADISON – In his State of the State Address, Governor Scott Walker today called for the Wisconsin State Legislature to pass his plan which would give the state’s budget surplus back to Wisconsin families through a $100 per child tax credit rebate this year. As proposed, families across the state would receive $100 for every child living at home under 18 through a check in the mail this year, and a permanent refundable Child Tax Credit would be created for 2018 and beyond.

“Our plan is simple. Our reforms are working. Our economy is growing. And because of all this, we have a budget surplus. I want to give it back to you. It’s your money; not the government’s. So, if you’ve got three kids at home under the age of 18, that’s $300 more this year for new shoes, coats, activity fees at school, or a co-pay at the doctor or dentist,” said Governor Walker.

Wisconsin finished this past fiscal year with a more than half-billion-dollar surplus, and the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau recently announced that the current state budget is expected to end with an even larger than expected surplus.

“I’m calling on the Legislature to pass my plan so that by the time your kids begin school in the fall, you will have a check in the mailbox,” Governor Walker continued.

The tax cut is estimated at $122.1 million per year, a quarter of a billion-dollar tax cut to families in this budget over the next two years.

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