May 29, 2018
Contact: Austin Altenburg

Democrats jump on inaccurate report in failed attempt to attack governor’s record of reform

[Madison, Wis.] – As the Wisconsin comeback continues under Gov. Scott Walker’s leadership, Democrats are actively opposing Foxconn’s family-supporting jobs and “continue to hope for the worst” according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Christian Schneider – even jumping on an inaccurate report in a failed attempt to attack the governor’s record of reform. As Governor Walker has repeatedly said, “Whatever I’m for, they’re against,” allowing politics to stand in the way of commonsense solutions for Wisconsin families.

We are already seeing results of that investment as 27 Wisconsin subcontractors and suppliers throughout the state were just awarded $100 million in contracts. Democrats on the other hand, are refusing to support the Foxconn investment that will create at least 13,000 direct good-paying, family-supporting jobs for hard-working Wisconsinites — as well as thousands of indirect jobs.

Governor Walker has Wisconsin working with all-time-low unemployment and more people working than ever before – investments like Foxconn only spur additional statewide economic growth and will help keep Wisconsin moving forward.

Read more from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here or find excerpts below:

Why Wisconsin Democrats are cheering for Foxconn to fail. Hint: His name is Scott Walker
By Christian Schneider
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

When Nikkei Asian Review earlier this week reported that Foxconn would be seeking to lower costs at its planned $10 billion southeastern Wisconsin factory, Democrats across the state sprinted to their keyboards like Justified at the Preakness Stakes. …

Yet there was one problem with this rush to vilify the Taiwanese electronics giant: Foxconn denied it.

Calling the report “inaccurate” and “not based on any facts,” Foxconn said their product development and production plans for the Racine-area campus were “unchanged.” Soon thereafter, Nikkei Asian Review altered its initial report, backtracking on the claim that the company was seeking to lower costs.

Yet that hasn’t slaked the thirst of Democrats looking to trash the deal, hoping it goes up in a mushroom cloud that engulfs Scott Walker’s re-election chances. Even though the deal has been in place since September of last year, Democrats simply can’t bring themselves to cheer for its success.

In essence, Democrats have crossed their fingers and continue to hope for the worst. …

“Whatever I’m for,” Walker tweeted on Thursday morning, “they are against.” Walker called the recent slate of Foxconn opposition “Pathetic.”

Even if the Foxconn deal isn’t perfect, Democratic cheerleading for its failure is a perilous strategy. Having failed to take Walker down in three previous tries, his opponents are now trying a new issue. But if they get their wish and Foxconn fails, everyone in Wisconsin loses.

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