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Proclaims May 2018 Trauma-Informed Care Awareness Month

GREEN BAY—Governor Scott Walker joined by First Lady Tonette Walker and the Director of the Office of Children’s Mental Health Elizabeth Hudson today visited the Boys and Girls Club to sign a proclamation declaring May 2018 as Trauma-Informed Care Awareness Month and Tuesday, May 22, 2018 as Trauma-Informed Care Day in the State of Wisconsin.

“Trauma-Informed Care is a way to improve the lives of children and families throughout Wisconsin,” said Governor Scott Walker. “With the leadership of my wife, First Lady Tonette Walker, our state has become a leader incorporating Trauma-Informed Care into state and country programs and policies. Beyond that, Tonette has also been a leader in bringing Trauma-Informed Care to the national stage and to other state governments. By recognizing Trauma-Informed Care Awareness Month and Trauma-Informed Care Day, we are educating more individuals about the role toxic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can play in shaping someone’s life. With Trauma-Informed Care, everyone has a role to play.”

Trauma-Informed Care shifts perspectives from blaming people for their problems to using the science of ACEs to guide support and the creation of new policies and practices. By building an understanding of how the past impacts the present, connections are made that progress towards healing and recovery. Being trauma-informed means recognizing the impact of traumatic stress and changing the way we see, interpret, and interact with people.

In November 2015, leaders for the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay attended a two-day Trauma-Informed Care training session where they learned and discussed how ACEs and toxic stress can affect early brain development and can lead to difficulties forming relationships, regulating and controlling emotions, and managing impulse control. Following the session, the Boys and Girls Club formed a Trauma-Informed Care Committee to examine current practices, explore areas for growth, and invite community partners to discuss partnership opportunities centered around youth mental health. This committee was formed in order to start incorporating Trauma Informed Care into their organization.

The Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay continues to look for new ways to incorporate trauma-informed principles into their existing services, including creating a fully-equipped decompression space known as the “Zen Den,” which includes tools and best practices for youth who have experienced trauma.

“Our goal is to make Wisconsin the first fully trauma-informed state in the nation and pave the way for other states to follow suit,” First Lady Tonette Walker added. “This proclamation raises awareness and is an important step towards ensuring everyone knows about the science of ACEs and is trained on trauma-informed principles. Change starts here, and everyone truly has a role to play.”

First Lady Tonette Walker has been working to promote Trauma-Informed Care for years both in Wisconsin and across the country. During the 2017 State of the State Address, the First Lady spoke about Trauma-Informed Care. The First Lady’s initiative, Fostering Futures, utilizes Trauma-Informed Care to transform systems and helps organizations better recognize, understand, and address the effects of trauma on the lives of children and families.

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