The Greater Wisconsin Political Fund has a new TV ad that hits back at a WMC spot attacking Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet and takes a shot at her rival, Michael Screnock.

The narrator opens the spot saying “corporate special interests are at it again, running negative ads trying to buy a Supreme Court seat for Michael Screnock.”

The background includes clips from a WMC Issues Mobilization Council ad hitting Dallet over the sentence she gave a man for sexually assaulting his granddaughters. Words including “misleading,” “distortions” and “unfair” are superimposed over the WMC ad clip as the narrator speaks.

The narrator then says “the facts” are Screnock sentenced a child rapist to only eight months and gave no jail time for the repeated sexual abuse of a child.

The narrator pivots to Dallet, saying she has 21 years experience as a prosecutor and judge, is a “mom who understands victims deserve justice” and is rated as one of Wisconsin’s toughest judges.

“Judge Rebecca Dallet, experience we can trust,” the narrator says to conclude the spot.



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