MILWAUKEE – Today, the Milwaukee Common Council voted to pass an ordinance that bans the discriminatory practice of conversion therapy. Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Andy Gronik congratulated them for taking action on this important issue, “Conversion therapy is deeply harmful to LGBTQ individuals, and I’m glad that the Common Council took action to end this practice in Milwaukee. This is a step in the right direction towards correcting a history of injustices the LGBTQ community has endured in our society.”

Conversion therapy is a scientifically unfounded practice that attempts to change sexual orientation or gender identity. It discriminates against LGBTQ people, especially youth that are sometimes forced into this therapy against their will. Gronik said, “These are kids we’re talking about. We need to make sure no child in our state has to go through so-called “therapy” that can leave them emotionally scarred for the rest of their life. It’s the 21st century, and we need to leave this terrible chapter of our history in the rearview mirror.”

Last year, Democrats on the state level proposed a similar measure that would have banned the practice of conversion therapy statewide. Unfortunately, the proposal was not given the time of day and was rejected by the Republican-controlled state legislature. “Conversion therapy has no place in Wisconsin,” Gronik said, “it is shameful that our leaders have been complacent in addressing this discriminatory practice. We need to expand on the Common Council’s victory and take action to pass legislation that bans conversion therapy statewide.”

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