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Milwaukee- Today, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Gronik released the following statement announcing that he has earned the Moms Demand Gun Sense Candidate distinction:

“I am grateful to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America for giving my campaign their stamp of approval. Current gun laws and other efforts to deter gun violence are having no effect in slowing the slaughter of innocent children and people just trying to live their life. Moms Demand Action’s grassroots activism is laying the important groundwork that will make us a nation with sensible gun laws. Until that day comes, I will tirelessly work to enact gun reforms that will keep everyone safe and secure from the mass shootings that we’ve seen spreading across the country.

“My campaign also welcomed gun violence survivor Khary Penebaker on a Facebook live conversation during the Republican Party Convention as part of my weekend-long effort to raise the voices of people personally impacted by Scott Walker’s failed policies. Walker has accepted $3.5 million from the NRA which explains his tone deaf approach toward addressing gun violence in Wisconsin. And, while I am a huge supporter of our culture of hunting here in Wisconsin, Gov. Walker’s willingness to allow children of any age to have a hunting rifle is inexplicable to me.”

“I have taken the pledge to never accept a penny from the NRA. Military weaponry belongs in the military. Rifles like the AR-15 are specifically designed to kill humans fast — I’ll ban them in Wisconsin. We will expand background checks, raise the legal age of buying a gun to 21, promote voluntary gun surrender and meltdown programs to create medal medallions that support gun safety awareness around the state, and put forward many more real and innovative ideas that will make Wisconsin safer. You can find those ideas on my website at

“We can do all of this and still respect our culture of hunting in Wisconsin. Wisconsinites know that the issue of gun violence and hunting in our state are two seperate things. I have spoken to lifelong hunters who find current gun laws weak and want them strengthened. They respect the lethal power of their weapons and know that in the wrong hands that lethal force could be pointed at them or their kids. I met with a lifelong hunter’s safety instructor who feels he can no longer sign off on the flimsy standards that put deadly weapons in the hands of people who need much more training to safely handle their guns. It seems most everybody except the NRA is open to making changes that work.

“Our state can do so much better and safer. I’ll lead with innovative solutions to bring Wisconsin common sense into our common sense gun laws. And, I’ll do that as your next governor.”

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