May 14, 2018
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Gronik was the only candidate to take the fight directly to Walker’s GOP state convention this weekend

MILWAUKEE — In order for Democrats to beat Gov. Scott Walker this fall and restore Wisconsin to a place that works for the people of the state once again, we’ll need a candidate who isn’t just willing to go toe-to-toe with Walker, but eager to do so. This weekend, while every Democratic gubernatorial candidate stayed home, Andy Gronik took the fight directly to Walker’s doorstep for all three days of the state Republican convention.

“The other Democratic candidates for governor love to talk about how they can take on Scott Walker, but where were they this weekend to actually throw punches? Because I was there the entire weekend and they were nowhere to be found,” said Gronik on Monday. “I was there all three days with Walker supporters screaming at me during interviews, shoving cameras in my face to discredit me, and disrupting my Facebook Live broadcasts as I spoke to real people hurt by Walker’s failed policies. I was there fighting for our Wisconsin values in the rain, wind, and cold for all three days while my challengers sat inside somewhere warm watching me deliver the Democratic response to Walker’s convention BS.”

For three days, Gronik deployed a digital billboard to circle the convention hall, like a shark and encouraging passersby to “follow the money” from select special interest donations that have benefited Scott Walker at the expense of everyday Wisconsinites. Gronik, passed the mic and gave everyday Wisconsinites a platform — on his campaign Facebook page — to tell their story of how Walker’s policies have affected their lives over the last seven years.

“The stories we heard over the weekend from everyday Wisconsinites are exactly why I am in the race for Governor. From day one, I told you I was a fighter. I told you I’d stand up for our Wisconsin values. And, I told you that I can’t wait to go toe-to-toe with Scott Walker,” continued Gronik. “Well, now you’ve seen it first-hand. I’m here to fight for you and beat Walker because the hard-working people of this state deserve a Wisconsin that works for the people once again. During this primary, no other candidate has demonstrated the courage to take on Walker like I have this past weekend. An unwillingness to be bold and shake things up is a plan to lose again to Walker in the fall. I believe this election is too important to keep electing the same establishment candidates that Walker has beat time and again. We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.”

Here’s what Wisconsin is saying in the wake of Andy Gronik’s bold action at the Republican Party convention this weekend:

The CapTimes: “At convention, Wisconsin Republicans defiant against talk of a ‘blue wave’ in 2018”

“At least nine Democrats are vying for the chance to challenge Walker in November. With no clear frontrunner, Walker’s opponent may not be determined until the August 14 primary election.One of those opponents, Milwaukee businessman Andy Gronik, was stationed outside the downtown Milwaukee convention center with a mobile billboard displaying a ‘Follow the Money’ message. Gronik and his supporters also handed out ‘funny money’ to highlight campaign contributions Walker has taken from groups like the National Rifle Association.”

WKOW 27: Governor candidate sets up Walker-critical billboard at GOP convention

“A Democrat challenging Gov. Scott Walker in the upcoming election is making his presence known at the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s annual convention. Businessman Andy Gronik is sponsoring a rolling billboard outside the Wisconsin Center, criticizing the governor. Gronik says he wanted to send a different message than the one the governor is giving at the GOP convention. ‘We’re taking the fight to him. We have a mobile billboard … that’s circling this building like a shark and it’s bringing forward the kind of special interest money that Scott Walker’s been taking his entire time in office,’ said Gronik.

WTMJ 4: Speaker Paul Ryan comes to bid farewell, Gov. Scott Walker asks for another vote

“The General Election against Scott Walker is going to be a brawl and Wisconsinites can’t sit out on the sidelines if they want to see a change in November. The time is now to for voters to pick a fighter to represent them. Voters can be absolutely certain that I will show up to fight for them just like I showed up for all three days of Walker’s convention — and I’ll fight for them just as hard as I would fight for my own family. This isn’t about politics, it’s about doing the right thing and being there for those who need a fighter. It’s who I am and it’s why I’m in the race for governor. Together, we’ll sprint through this primary, beat Scott Walker in the fall, and create a Wisconsin that works for everyone and not just the select few.”

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