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Gronik to continue series of Facebook Live conversations with Wisconsinites adversely impacted by Gov. Scott Walker’s failed policies

MILWAUKEE — TODAY, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, Andy Gronik, is taking it to Gov. Scott Walker at the state Republican Party convention in Milwaukee. For the second day in a row, Gronik is deploying a mobile billboard circling the Republican Convention all weekend long just like a hungry shark circles its prey. The billboard will be featuring a couple of fistfuls of the HUGE donations Walker’s received and the real people this ‘pay to play’ money has hurt in Wisconsin. You’ll find Andy right outside the front door of the Republican convention all weekend long at his 1947 Dodge Pickup Truck handing out the same kind of ‘funny money’ Walker and/or his PAC’s have been pocketing from NRA, Pfizer, Gogebic Taconite, Diane Hendricks of ABC supply, Chicago Cubs owner, and more.

Also, Gronik will hold a series of Facebook Live discussions with everyday Wisconsinites on the corner of 400 W. Wisconsin Ave., right outside the front door of the Republican convention, to discuss how Scott Walker has spent nearly eight years taking millions from special interests while leaving hard-working Wisconsinites behind.

“People everywhere tell me ‘I don’t think I’m going to make it.’ Meanwhile, Walker has traded the futures of these Wisconsin families for big money donations from special interests which have brought him into power for decades. Follow their money, and you’ll see how it is directly tied to Walker’s actions as governor.”


Digital billboard image displayed in the artist rendering above will be one of the actual images on the mobile billboard. Click on the image to see the full digital display.

Bills in the photo above will be distributed throughout the day at the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention

“As high school students marched in the streets to speak out for kids being slaughtered in classrooms nationwide, their voices were drowned out by the 3.5 million dollars Scott Walker accepted from the NRA. While I spoke to teachers in tears throughout our state intimidated and humiliated by Walker’s attacks on public education, his PAC collected $20 million. As people die without the affordable medicine they need, Walker takes $40,000 from Pfizer. The list goes on and on and on. Special interest money is destroying our state while Walker starves the institutions that have forever made us Wisconsin.

It’s time for a Wisconsin That Works and a governor who will fight to make living in Wisconsin better for everyone.

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