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MILWAUKEE – The following is a statement from Andy Gronik regarding protecting the taxpayers from the State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk’s dereliction of duties:
“Wisconsin State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk was elected in 2014 and ran on a platform of eliminating the office. Once in office, he did as little as possible in the role as part of a long-con to build the case that the office was unnecessary and ought to be eliminated. He eliminated staff and spent more time punishing and censoring co-workers working on projects related to climate change than he spent protecting the taxpayers. On April 3 this year, those efforts were rejected by voters because the people of Wisconsin understand how important it is to have a fiscal watchdog on guard in Madison.

“Nothing says the system is broken more than a politician getting paid a full-time salary while failing to do their duties and actively campaigning for the elimination of their job. For four years, Adamczyk focused his energies on eliminating the office instead of protecting taxpayers. For four years, Adamczyk has taken a total salary close to half a million dollars and is currently hauling in a salary higher than the median household income for Wisconsin families.

“The taxpayers have gotten completely hosed by Scott Walker’s main henchman who led the charge for the failed effort to eliminate the State Treasurer. Who is looking out for the taxpayers if the Treasurer won’t do their job and the Governor won’t do anything to protect the taxpayer’s money?

“It’s time for an end to this broken system. It’s time for a Governor who will stand up for taxpayers. It’s time for Scott Walker to demand that, due to the dereliction of his duties, Matt Adamczyk return the last four years of his salary.”

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