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MILWAUKEE – While Gov. Scott Walker was busy polishing up his political messaging inside the Republican state convention telling adoring fans that Democrats are “filled with hate and anger,” he failed to look out the window and witness the conversations Andy Gronik was having with both Democrats and Republicans all weekend long. Like every career politician, Walker knows how to study a poll and interpret election results. He knows Democrats on the ballot as common-sense problem-solvers with an optimistic vision of the future are winning special elections in Wisconsin. You don’t have to look further than Patty Schachtner’s recent win in the 10th senate district to know that is true.

While Gov. Walker claimed “hate and anger” is fueling Democrats and the dreaded “blue wave,” Andy Gronik was speaking to real Wisconsinites outside the convention center who have been affected by Walker’s poor decisions and failed policies. One by one, people showed up in frigid weather and through driving rain to share their personal stories with over 21,000 followers on the Gronik for Wisconsin campaign Facebook page. Wisconsinites are desperate for a change, and they know that Andy is the candidate with an optimistic vision and common-sense plan to make living in Wisconsin better for everyone.

Andy Gronik is the only candidate in the race who can take on Gov. Scott Walker and beat him in November — and Walker knows it. Well before Andy announced his candidacy, the Republican Party sought to discourage Gronik by launching a statewide direct mail campaign calling him a “con man.” Since then, Walker and the Republican Party continue to send trackers to record and disrupt his events statewide. Here is just one example of an exchange Gronik had with a Republican tracker in Milwaukee where he invited the tracker to put politics aside and have a real conversation about the future of our state — the furthest thing from “hate and anger” described by Walker.

“Walker’s claims of ‘hate and anger’ are a joke,” declared Gronik. “I have been inviting constructive conversations since I began traveling the state in January 2016 to listen to people and their ideas. This approach is in stark contrast to Walker, who came into office with a self-described strategy to ‘divide and conquer’ the state. It’s his divisiveness that has been devastating Wisconsin ever since. I’m here to bring people back together, build on our strengths, and make Wisconsin a world leader. I’m fighting to reclaim Wisconsin for everyone who lives here.”

While the platoon of Democratic candidates all claim they have what it takes to take on Walker, Gronik was the only candidate to take the fight to Walker throughout the entire Republican convention. “This is too important to be silent and conduct a ‘politics as usual’ campaign like my opponents. People everywhere tell me ‘I don’t think I’m going to make it.’ That’s not okay with me, and I’m going to fight to put a stop to it. It’s why I’m here running for governor.”

While Gronik led a realistic, productive, and optimistic discussion with regular people and his more than 27,000 combined social media followers, Republican Party of Wisconsin staffers and convention goers sought to disrupt his efforts by shoving cameras in his face, yelling at Andy and his staff, and interrupting television interviews. ‘Hate and anger’ was coming from only one direction last weekend — and it wasn’t from Andy. Here’s one of those exchanges:

“I knew sending a mobile billboard to circle the convention center and call out Gov. Walker on the tens of millions in special interest money he — or the PAC’s supporting him — has taken would capture the attention of his most loyal supporters. But, none of these followers disputed that Walker took the cash to fuel his campaigns. And, they didn’t dispute the effect this ‘pay for play’ money has had on the quality of life for thousands of hard-working families throughout Wisconsin.”

Even the hecklers, one of whom approached Gronik live on Periscope, couldn’t resist engaging in an optimistic conversation with him about the future of Wisconsin. Andy’s interaction with them couldn’t have been further from Walker’s claims of ‘hate and anger.’ Andy asked people to “leave the red meat in the fridge” so they could engage in a real conversation. Gronik routinely invited people to share their ideas and made it clear that he wanted the best ideas and didn’t care where those ideas came from as long as they put the people of Wisconsin first. Here is one of those interactions – uncut – exactly as it unfolded on Periscope:  

“I love having these conversations,” Gronik said.  “I want to hear everyone’s voice. I’m not running for governor of the Democrats. I’m running for governor of everyone in Wisconsin. I’m going to restore the progressive values that put people first in our state and execute pragmatic plans that create family-sustaining jobs, great public school education, and affordable healthcare for everyone in our state. I know how to bring people together and get things done. I’ve done it all my life, and I’ll do it as your next governor. Wisconsin deserves a Wisconsin That Works for everyone,” said Andy Gronik on Tuesday.

Rest assured that while “divide and conquer” Walker stays on his new “hate and anger” messaging, Andy Gronik will continue to bring the people of Wisconsin together so we can all move forward. “It’s going to become very obvious to Wisconsinites who want a real change in November, that I’m the only Democrat in the field who will deliver the fight needed to beat him. We’re not going to talk, talk, talk Walker out of office. We need a leader willing and able to take action and do what’s needed to beat him out of office. This election is too important to keep doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. I guarantee you that I’m here to fight just as hard for Wisconsinites as I would for my own family. It is who I am and its what we need,” concluded Gronik.  

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