MILWAUKEE – The following is the statement of gubernatorial candidate Andy Gronik in response to Gov. Scott Walker’s annual State of the State Address:

“Gov. Scott Walker must think that Wisconsinites have short-term memories and don’t recall that he’s broken our system by governing only with re-election and his special interest donors in mind. Of course, Wisconsinites will remember Walker’s failures when they go to work at that second, third or fourth job because their wages are so low that one job won’t cut it. They’ll remember his failures the next time they pay hundreds in monthly student loan debt repayments. When they can’t afford healthcare insurance, they’ll remember how Walker never stood up for them. They’ll remember because, after all of Walker’s promises and efforts to drive a wedge between families, friends, and neighbors, their lives just haven’t gotten any better while he’s been, Governor.”

“Scott Walker and his politics as usual approach are why our government, economy, schools, healthcare system, transportation infrastructure, Internet, criminal justice system and so many other things are broken in Wisconsin.  I’m not a politician, but I am someone who’s spent my entire career working together with people to solve problems and get things on track. I spent 35 years in the real world helping struggling companies who often couldn’t go to a regular bank and borrow money.  I helped companies to solve complex problems so they could access the money they needed to grow and create good-paying jobs. I’m here to work collaboratively with people throughout Wisconsin to find the very best ideas for solving the economic, and social issues dividing our state and I don’t care where these ideas come from as long as they put the interests of people of our state, and the quality of their lives, first.

“We’ve seen the failures brought on by seven years of career politician Scott Walker. Politics as usual isn’t working and won’t make life better for everyone in our state. It’s time for a different kind of leadership and fresh new ideas for how we move Wisconsin forward. That’s why I’m here.”

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