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Gubernatorial Candidate Andy Gronik Champions Pragmatic, Innovative Ideas To Create Good-Pay Jobs Statewide

MILWAUKEE – Today, Democratic gubernatorial primary candidate, Andy Gronik, released his vision for statewide economic development: GroWis. The GroWis plan focuses state economic development on the industry segments that are core strengths of our state in order to transform our entire economy for the 21st century.
“Government isn’t listening to the people of our state. In the last seven years, households across the state have heard promises of job creation, only to watch an incompetent executive and a broken political system leave those promises unfulfilled,” said Gronik on Tuesday. “Throughout my 35-year career helping struggling business, I worked shoulder-to-shoulder with factory workers while appraising manufacturing companies and I helped some of the most recognizable companies in the state solve problems so they could grow and create more good-paying jobs. I plan to do the same thing as governor.  I’ve spent more than three years listening to the challenges faced by hard-working people throughout the state and incorporating their ideas into real plans that will help make living in Wisconsin better for everyone statewide.”
The GroWis economic development plan invests in our state’s strengths (food production, packaging and distribution, freshwater science, clean air technology, and renewable energy) and aims to make Wisconsin a world leader in supporting the industries that sustain life around the world.
Key features of the GroWis Plan:
  • Create the BadgerSKILLS training program to regionalize jobs training programs that pay trainees a living wage while they acquire the jobs skills needed to help grow businesses in their community.
  • Propose the development and execution of a 20-year transportation infrastructure plan and encourages public-private partnerships with technology companies to bring reliable high-speed Internet connections to every corner of the state.
  • Completely restructure the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and Department of Workforce Development and merge both agencies into the Wisconsin Jobs Department to support the incubation, grown, and retention of family-sustaining jobs while efficiently connecting trained workers with the employers who need them.
  • Explore business incentives that reward successful job growth for businesses of all sizes (after the jobs are delivered) and tax reforms that help level the playing field so that everyone pays their fair share.

“This has to be about more than bandying about unemployment statistics,” said Gronik. “Good paying jobs with benefits are leaving our state and being replaced by jobs that pay less with no benefits. This is squeezing Wisconsin families and forcing them to work multiple jobs just to keep their heads above water. My vision for the state is one where we invest in our strengths and a 21st-century workforce, infrastructure, government to create a thriving 21st-century economy. By leading the world in developing sustainable technologies and applications that support life around the planet, we will attract, retain, and grow businesses that offer good-paying, family-sustaining jobs with benefits in science, technology, manufacturing, and agriculture. That’s who we are in Wisconsin and it’s a future Wisconsin families can live with.”

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