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MILWAUKEE – The Wisconsin Gazette, one of the state’s leading progressive voices, today announced its endorsement of the only political outsider in the race for governor, Andy Gronik, making it the first newspaper to endorse a candidate in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

“I am humbled and honored to receive the endorsement of the Wisconsin Gazette. The Gazette is a strong and influential voice within the progressive movement, and for nearly a decade, they’ve successfully engaged and empowered the LGBT community through their reporting and commentary,” said Andy Gronik on Thursday. “When I’m governor we will renew our state’s commitment to civil rights and equality for everyone, regardless of race, who you love, what gender you identify as, or from what country you immigrated. And, I’ll prioritize appointing people from underrepresented groups to executive positions, so the makeup of our government reflects the composition of our communities.”

Gazette’s early support is a signal that primary voters realize Democrats can’t rely on a “blue wave” to propel us to victory in the fall. Wisconsin Gazette recognizes it is time for a change and they’re committed to rallying grassroots support around the candidate best suited to unseat the governor in November.

“I will beat Scott Walker this year, but we can’t do the same things we’ve always done if we expect to win in November. Scott Walker has proven time and time again that he has a playbook to beat establishment candidates — but he doesn’t have a playbook to beat me” Gronik said. “I can’t wait to go toe-to-toe with Governor Walker and ‘Call BS’ on all his ‘Open for Business Wisconsin’ nonsense that has left Wisconsin families struggling all over the state. When I’m governor, we’re going to honor our people and who we are as a state. I will restore the voice of the people in our government and bring folks together to create a Wisconsin that works for everyone.”

In its endorsement, Wisconsin Gazette declares that voters must ensure the Democratic nominee is someone who stands the best chance to win in the general election against Walker. “That candidate is Andy Gronik,” writes Wisconsin Gazette. “Certainly, other Democrats in the race have admirable qualities. But Gronik has more than three decades of experience as a business adviser, helping businesses succeed in a variety of sectors. He gained a great deal of knowledge about manufacturing businesses in particular. He’s an articulate and persuasive candidate who can inspire voters. He’s tough and approachable. […] Gronik has plans to get the state’s tattered affairs in order, and he has the skills to direct the difficult slog that it will take to return Wisconsin to the clean politics and upright image that once placed it among the shiniest stars on our nation’s flag.”

“It’s possible for us to make living in Wisconsin better for everyone and that’s exactly what we’re going to do together when I’m governor,” said Gronik. “My heartfelt thanks goes out to the Wisconsin Gazette for being bold in their endorsement of my candidacy and for empowering others interested in seeing real change in Wisconsin to do the same.”

Read the entire Wisconsin Gazette endorsement here.

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