Contact: Brandon Weathersby, 414-364-6729,
MILWAUKEE – Yesterday, the Wisconsin Elections Commission issued a memorandum regarding Final 2018 Ballot Access Challenges. Michael Hass, the staff member assigned to review the complaint made by Mark Morgan, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, against Andy Gronik, Democratic candidate for Governor, provided a review of the complaint, which states, “This complaint alleges that 498 signatures should not be counted because the circulators were not qualified electors due to felony convictions; 1,566 signatures should not be counted because the municipality of residence was missing from circulator certifications; 472 signatures should not be counted because the signer’s municipality was inserted by the circulator; and that 58 signatures should not be counted because the named circulator may not have actually obtained the signatures.”
Following a detailed review of the complaint, Mr. Hass recommended the Election Commission, “Reject all challenges included in the complaint. Verify 3,602 valid signatures as originally verified by Commission staff. Grant ballot access to Candidate Gronik and direct staff to prepare and issue a Findings and Order consistent with this motion.”
“This recommendation is yet another example that Gov. Scott Walker’s days of playing political games to the detriment of the people of Wisconsin are coming to an end,” Gronik said.  “I’m going to restore the voice of the people to Wisconsin government, and I am very grateful to Mr. Hass for his very professional attention to this important matter.”
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