Contact: Brandon Weathersby, 414-364-6729, [email protected]

MILWAUKEE – After learning of the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s intention to challenge Andy Gronik’s nomination signatures, Gronik for Wisconsin, Inc. Communications Director, Brandon Weathersby, issued the following statement:

“These accusations go beyond the typical dog-whistle and red meat politics we’ve grown to expect from Scott Walker’s political machine — it is blatantly and offensively racist to suggest that a significant number of Andy’s signatures are invalid simply because the signers come from Milwaukee, or because the signatures were collected by black and brown folks in Milwaukee. But Andy is not intimidated by Walker’s disgusting tactics, and he is not afraid to stand up for the people whose voices Walker wishes to silence. Bottom line – Walker’s challenge of Andy Gronik’s nomination signatures is pitiful and speaks volumes about the governor’s character.”

Read the WisGOP complaint cover sheet here. 

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