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Milwaukee- The following is a statement from Andy Gronik regarding Kevin Nicholson’s recent remarks that politicized and disparaged veterans by questioning the “cognitive thought process” of veterans that are also Democrats;

“One of my favorite quotes about teamwork comes from a Navy SEAL who told me that, ‘Teamwork is about looking out for the person on your left and your right.’ It’s one of my favorite quotes because it is true. And, I’m certain that the millions of service members and veterans around the country would agree that they don’t care about their teammate’s politics when it is time protect our country and our freedoms. That kind of patriotism isn’t a partisan value — it is an American value. GOP Senate candidate, Kevin Nicholson, needs to retract his recent remarks calling military service an inherently ‘conservative’ value. While I respect Nicholson’s service, his remarks do not promote teamwork and are not what you’d expect from a leader – military or otherwise.

“To move our state and our nation forward, we have to look out for the people to our left and to our right, and this includes in our politics. I say this recognizing that I am a frequent critic of Governor Walker’s policies because they have been crushing to Wisconsin families in deference to Governor Walker’s financial supporters. When I’m governor, we’ll work together as a team, and I’ll reject continued efforts to divide us. We must bring an end to toxic political rhetoric that only serves to rally a small and fervent base of extremists on either side of the aisle. It’s time to begin listening to one another so we can find the very best ideas no matter where they come from so long as they put the people of Wisconsin first and move our state forward. By working together, we can achieve an optimistic future for Wisconsin that overcomes our broken system and makes living here better for everyone.”

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