Contact: Brandon Weathersby, 414-364-6729,

GREEN BAY – Candidate for Governor Andy Gronik will be holding a Kitchen Table Conversation TODAY, Thursday, March 15 from 3pm-4pm at Kavarna Coffeehouse located at 143 N Broadway, Green Bay. Before announcing his campaign for Governor, Gronik spent 18 months touring the state talking to Wisconsin families at their local coffee shops, community centers, and even in their homes over their kitchen tables. It’s that experience that made him want to run and fueled his desire to continue those conversations to get input on the issues that matter the most to people in cities, towns, and villages across Wisconsin.

“Kitchen Table Conversations are what made me decide to run — and they’ve made this campaign truly remarkable, and every day, my campaign is making decisions based on those conversations with everyday people around Wisconsin,” said Gronik. “Throughout my 35-year career in business, I’ve found that the best ideas often came from people working on the factory floor because they are the ones that directly deal with and solve problems every single day. Throughout this campaign, I have been, and will continue to, seek that same advice from the people of Wisconsin that have been ignored by Scott Walker and leaders in Madison for the last seven years.”

To move Wisconsin forward, we need people to get together in person to discuss how we can overcome the challenges that face our state. The topic of this conversation is centered around the question: How can we grow our economy? Andy is welcoming people from across the political spectrum to attend so we can bridge the differences that have been dividing us and get back to having real conversations about the issues in this state.

Andy Gronik has laid out his GroWis economic plan on his website here. This plan goes beyond surface level talking points and produces real ideas for growing Wisconsin’s economy. A few examples include creating regionalized training programs, investing in 21st-century infrastructure, and creating the Wisconsin Jobs Department by combining DWD and WEDC so the agency tasked with creating jobs is under the same roof as the agency tasked with connecting people to those jobs

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