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“Anti-Israel Jewish political group founded with help from George Soros” bankrolling Kohl’s campaign

(Fond du Lac, WI) – An article published yesterday by Caroline Glick of Breitbart News exposed D.C. Dan Kohl for not only overseeing radical anti-Israel group J Street PAC, but also as the largest recipient of campaign donations from J Street supporters. Kohl has seen over $175,000 contributed to his campaign from J Street, a group that supported Obama’s dangerous Iran deal, aided anti-Israel activists and was caught lying about being funded by liberal billionaire George Soros.

While Dan Kohl claims to be a moderate who worked for “middle east peace,”  his campaign is bankrolled by the extreme liberals who represent a growing hostility toward Israel.

Read the full Breitbart story here or find excerpts below:

Jewish Democrats Increasingly Anti-Israel

Breitbart News

Caroline Glick

October 17, 2018

Nearly half of the Jewish Democratic incumbents (7 of 18) have received contributions from J Street, the anti-Israel Jewish political group founded with help from George Soros. Throughout Obama’s years in office, J Street served as the administration’s Jewish fig leaf.

J Street was a central actor in the campaign to block a Senate veto of the Iran deal. It has placed the blame for the failure of the Israel-Palestinian peace process squarely on Israel’s shoulders, and campus chapters of J Street have reportedly aided anti-Israel activists in attempts to support the antisemitic “boycott, divestment and sanctions” (BDS) campaign against Israel. The organization is considered so hostile to Israel that Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer, refuses to meet with its representatives.

The separate-but-related J Street PAC that Kohl oversaw and made into a national fundraising organization came under scrutiny almost as soon as it was established. Although J Street PAC touts itself as a Jewish organization, it received money from Arab and Iranian lobbies and individuals. Some J Street officials have been registered foreign agents for Arab countries.

Among the Democratic challengers, five of 18 have received funding from J Street, according to JTA’s report. Ten have received money from other far-left PACs or were endorsed by Obama.

One of the Democratic candidates, Dan Kohl, who is running in Wisconsin’s 6th District against two-term Republican incumbent Glenn Grothman, is one of J Street’s founders, and its first political director. His uncle, Herb Kohl, served as a Senator from Wisconsin for four terms and was staunchly supportive of Israel.

Dan Kohl is the scion of his family’s retail empire. His only recorded private sector experience was a stint as assistant general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team, which his family owned.

According to campaign financing site, Kohl had a 30 percent funding advantage over Grothman at the end of July. Kohl’s single largest donor was J Street, which contributed $175,320 to his campaign.

Grothman, in contrast, is an enthusiastic and consistent supporter of Israel. He celebrated President Donald Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. J Street opposed the move.

Despite Kohl’s anti-Israel extremism, and lack of experience in other endeavors, he is running as a moderate, and claims that, if elected, he will seek bipartisanship. Kohl seeks to distinguish himself from Grothman by accusing Grothman of eschewing bipartisanship. According to Grothman’s campaign, he is running four times as many television ads as Grothman, as the gap in funding between the two candidates continues to grow in Kohl’s favor.

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