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Fact Check: Dan Kohl Supports Massive Increase in Taxes on Wisconsin Families

  1. Dan Kohl supported hiking local sales taxes, even though he admitted it would “hurt poor people the most.”(Staff, “Dan Kohl: State Assembly,” Shepherd Express, 8/13/08)

  1. Dan Kohl supported a government health care takeover that would double income taxes for every Wisconsinite. (Staff, “Dan Kohl: State Assembly,” Shepherd Express, 8/13/08, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, State Senate Democrats will try to revive universal healthcare plan, 11/12/08)

  1. Dan Kohl supported a middle-class tax hike that was called the “largest tax increase in state history.” (Editorial, “Selling plan will take more than charm,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, 6/12/09)

  1. Dan Kohl would have voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. He called it a “mean,” “destructive,” and a “tax scam” that would “devastate Wisconsin families.” (Dan Kohl for WI, Facebook, 11/20/17, Dan Kohl for WI, Facebook, 6/22/17)

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