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“D.C.” Dan Kohl put out an ad earlier this month where he claims that he will fight for term limits. But this week in an interview on WHBY, Kohl claims that he is “very proud” (40:45) of his uncle’s (Herb Kohl) 24 years in office.

Kohl seems to be following Congressman Grothman’s lead in the Sixth District, as Grothman made a term limit pledge in his initial 2014 run.

Kohl also says that more turnover in Washington is a good thing, citing “eight years” (41:15) as enough time to make a difference. The odd thing is, Kohl has already spent eight years in Washington (20092017). Congressman Grothman is currently in his fourth year serving the Sixth.

Does Dan Kohl think that eight years is enough or does he actually think 24 years is an appropriate time to spend in Washington?

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