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(MADISON, WI) – From the start of her campaign, Democrat Candidate for State Treasurer, Sarah Godlewski has been advocating that the State Treasurer’s office use it’s role as a trustee on several low interest trust funds worth around $1.2 billion to refinance private student loan debt. This policy would take millions away from schools and libraries that rely upon this funding to continue their programs.

In August, both of Godlewski’s democratic primary opponents, who jointly received 57% of the August vote, opposed this incredibly risky policy.Democratic candidate Cynthia Kaump referred to it as “Absolutely Reckless”. 

“The advancement of this campaign gimmick puts our schools at risk. It is a shame that Ms. Godlewski would put her corporate special interest ahead of hardworking Wisconsinites.” said Republican State Treasurer Candidate, Travis Hartwig.

This incredibly risky policy shows voters that Godlewski lacks the understanding of the office. The trust funds that she is referring to are traditionally invested in very low risk investments to insure a steady payment for our educational beneficiaries. Godlewski now wants to take it from very low risk investments into refinancing highly risky student loan debt. Prior to the Great Recession, many state and local governments around the world attempted similar strategies and it nearly caused them to go bankrupt.

“It’s is alarming that someone who is running to be State Treasurer would advocate for such a dangerous idea. Ms. Godlewski wants to take money from some of our most conservative and safest funds that serve local libraries and schools and invest it in one of the riskiest ways possible. This is what caused other governments to go bankrupt” said Hartwig. “Voters should be worried.”

Both candidates are running for the Office of State Treasurer. The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 6th.

Since selling her home in the Washington D.C. metro area in December, Sarah Godlewski has attempted to buy this election. She and her husband have sunk over $150,000 of their own money into the race while her campaign has actively pursued donors from outside of Wisconsin.

Hartwig, who grew up in East Troy, WI, holds a double major in Finance and Business Economics from Carroll University. He was a Mutual Fund Administrator at U.S. Bank Fund Services in downtown Milwaukee and owns a home in Oak Creek, WI.

Travis Hartwig is running for State Treasurer as a life-long conservative that believes Wisconsin taxpayers need a watchdog. He will use his experience to make the office more efficient and find ways to cut government spending because he believes that you do a better job of spending your hard-earned money than the government does

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