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(GREEN BAY) – In the middle of the election season Republican State Treasurer Candidate, Travis Hartwig, will be celebrating his 25th birthday while attending his 3rd “Meet & Greet” event of the week. Since Saturday, Hartwig’s campaign has hosted events in Kenosha, Racine and Green Bay and attended events in Oshkosh, Kewaunee, Fond du Lac and Greenfield. Hartwig has made it a priority to meet voters around the state since he first announced his candidacy in April.

“We are visiting every part of this great state” said Hartwig. “While my opponent is hosting a fundraiser in D.C. to raise tens of thousands of dollars from lobbyists, I want to spend every moment getting to know the great people in my home state. I believe that money doesn’t win elections, people do.”

It makes sense that our opponent would spend the majority of her time raising money in Washington D.C., she has lived there far longer than she has lived in Madison. With the exception of her government job in Colorado, her and her husband have spent their entire adult lives in Washington D.C. Despite her claims of private sector financial experience, her career consists of various public sector, political, or governmental consulting jobs. Her history represents the swamp, the politically network-driven type of career that Wisconsin voters are tired of seeing.

Hartwig, who is the only statewide candidate in his 20’s, has also been a vocal critic of the democrats appeal to youth voters. Stating that he believes “democrats say what it takes to get elected, but republicans in the state of Wisconsin have a track record of pro-youth policy.”

After decades of growing tuition costs, Republicans in Wisconsin have frozen college tuition for 6 years. They are pledging to continue the tuition freeze for an additional 4 years if Governor Walker is reelected this fall. In addition, Republicans plan to take additional steps to address the issue of student loan debt. As reported by The Cap Times, the Walker Administration released a proposal for a refundable tax credit of $1,000 per year, for up to five years, for college graduates who completed their education at a college or university located in Wisconsin.” This would equate to $5,000 directly in to the hands of recent college grads who are burdened with student loan debt.

Hartwig, who grew up in East Troy, WI, holds a double major in Finance and Business Economics from Carroll University. He was a Mutual Fund Administrator at U.S. Bank Fund Services in downtown Milwaukee and owns a home in Oak Creek, WI.

Travis Hartwig is running for State Treasurer as a life-long conservative that believes Wisconsin taxpayers need a watchdog. He will use his experience to make the office more efficient and find ways to cut government spending because he believes that you do a better job of spending your hard-earned money than the government does.

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