Hartwig campaign: Republicans call on Jill Millies to drop out of the race for state treasurer

Contact: Travis Hartwig – Campaign@TravisHartwig.com

(OAK CREEK) – Travis Hartwig and fellow Republicans call on State Treasurer candidate, Jill Millies, to drop out of the race. In the several weeks leading up to the primary election, it has become abundantly clear her beliefs do not align with the Republican Party.

In a survey submitted to nonpartisan iVoterGuide, Jill Millies revealed her extreme liberal values. Indicating support for taxpayer funding for abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, more restrictive gun control, and tuition-free public education through college.

“There is only one conservative in the race for Wisconsin State Treasurer.” stated Hartwig. “It appears my primary opponent selected the wrong party on her campaign papers or was intentionally attempting to mislead the public. Either way, she should do the right thing now and withdraw from this race.”

Samuel Wahlen, former Chairman of the Racine County Republican Party, was one of the first to call on Jill Millies to step out of the race this week. “Republicans around the state need to consolidate around the only conservative in the race, and that’s Travis Hartwig” said Wahlen. “Jill Millies is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She is pretending to be a republican but doesn’t share our values.”

The Hartwig campaign is recommending The Republican Party of Wisconsin and local chapters inform their members about the deception and encourage their members to vote for Travis Hartwig.

iVoterGuide released a head-to-head comparison of the two Republican candidates running for State Treasurer and it found that Travis Hartwig is the only conservative running for the statewide position.

When asked about the subject of healthcare, Ms. Millies responded “Not sure yet?? Maybe repel Obama care, this seemed to make many happy!”

The research also showed that while Mr. Hartwig has voted consistently during his lifetime, Ms. Millies rarely votes. For example, she did not vote during the last spring election when the referendum on the Treasurer’s Office was held.

A primary for the Republican nomination for State Treasurer will be held Tuesday, August 14. The general election will be Tuesday, November 6.

Hartwig, who grew up in East Troy, holds a double major in Finance & Business Economics from Carroll University. He was a Mutual Fund Administrator at U.S. Bank Fund Services in downtown Milwaukee and owns a home in Oak Creek, WI.
Travis Hartwig is running for State Treasurer as a life-long conservative that believes Wisconsin taxpayers need a watchdog. He will use his experience to make the office more efficient and find ways to cut government spending because he believes that you do a better job of spending your hard-earned money than the government does.