I have just reached out to Ms. Godlewski and congratulated her on winning the election.

I am immensely proud of the campaign that we ran. We were outraised 30-1 but didn’t give up. Despite the celebrity endorsements and the help of outside PACs that she received, Godlewski just barely won.

Our campaign was driven by the grassroots through small donations and help from passionate volunteers.

I believe in our wonderful state, it is where I call home. Now is the time for us to rise above partisan politics so I offer my assistance to Ms. Godlewski in recreating the State Treasurer’s position. I truly believe in our vision to rebuild this office in a way that will make our state government more efficient and effective while protecting the taxpayers.

Thank you for your votes and support.

Please join me in praying for our newly elected leaders in Wisconsin and Washington D.C.

– Travis Hartwig
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