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Reform dividend lets Wisconsin invest in priorities while keeping taxes low
[Madison, WI] — With Scott Walker’s reform dividend, Wisconsin has made record actual-dollar investments into our classrooms and returned power to taxpayers – with over $8 billion in tax cuts. Tony Evers is a Madison bureaucrat who will cave to big-government unions and raise taxes on hard-working Wisconsin families.
Check out a recap of Tony Evers’ positions on raising a variety of taxes:
Tony Evers would raise the gas tax
  • From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel“I would support looking at anything,” Evers said. “Whether it’s removing tax credits, whether it’s slimming down state government, whether it’s gas taxes. Everything is on the table.”
Tony Evers would raise property taxes
  • From the MacIver InstituteProperty taxpayers could be looking at higher bills for the first time in several years under Evers’ latest education budget proposal, which includes a 10 percent spending increase. That would be on top of the $636 million in additional ed spending Walker built into the state’s current two-year budget.
Tony Evers would raise income taxes
  • From The Cap TimesHe also suggested he would support eliminating the state’s manufacturing and agriculture tax credit, which reduces the state income tax for manufacturers and agricultural producers.
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