Contact: Rob Hutton
(414) 380-9665

(Brookfield, WI) – Rob Hutton’s campaign has announced that former Wauwatosa mayor Jill Didier is endorsing Rob to be re-elected to represent the 13th Assembly District.

Jill Didier said, “Wauwatosa is amazing and I love living here. We live harmoniously, raise families, work hard and strive to solve problems that affect our daily lives.  Having had the honor of serving this community, first as an alderwoman and then as mayor, I’ve learned and understand the importance of electing people who will represent us, be open to ideas and honestly listen to our concerns.

I’ve been quiet since leaving office, never really putting my opinion out there. But this election, I’ve decided to support a particular candidate and I’m sending you this letter in hopes that you will consider supporting him too.

In the 13th Assembly District there are two candidates that I have worked with in the past. Only one treated me with respect. Only one was open to constructive dialog. Only one have I witnessed treating all people, regardless of political sides, with respect.

I recognize that not everyone who receives or sees this note supported me in the past. Maybe you didn’t even like my policies. But, hopefully you will believe I was fair and treated people with respect. This is what we need of people in office and this is what I believe only one candidate has a proven track record of – respect.

Therefore, I ask that you join me and consider casting your vote for current 13th Assembly District State Representative Rob Hutton.”

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