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MILWAUKEE – IBEW Local 494 business manager Dean Warsh today issued the following statement in commemoration of Labor Day:

Labor Day celebrates ALL workers and honors the courageous men and women who fought for rights in the workplace. For generations, the American promise of good jobs, fair treatment, and family-sustaining wages, negotiated at a bargaining table with respect for the workers who’ve made our country strong, sustained the economic security of the nation’s vital middle class.

When unions are undermined, bad corporations and anti-union politicians have nothing standing in the way of their pillaging what’s left of working families’ dignity and livelihood. At the same time, those who earn the most see their incomes go up as the middle-class shrinks.

IBEW and our allies are ready for this fight and for whatever comes next. In fact, these attacks will only make our labor family stronger and more committed than ever to stand up, fight back and make our voices heard.

On this Labor Day, while anti-union forces continue to misinform and divide working people, IBEW will continue to unite our communities and build an even more vibrant Labor Movement that will result in a growing economy and a thriving middle class.

Labor Day celebrates what working men and women have accomplished together. So, on this Labor Day, stand in solidarity and continue fighting the good fight that makes your workplace safer and fairer, your union stronger, and your community better

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