Jacque campaign: Special interest group admits to lying in 1st state Senate District campaign ad

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(De Pere, WI) A Madison-based special interest group has admitted that it got caught lying in a sleazy attack on State Senate candidate and 2nd Assembly District State Representative Andre Jacque. Jacque’s opponent and the Wisconsin Democratic Party then repeated the lie in their own advertisements. This same special interest group is expected to continue its false attacks on Jacque this fall. In a recent story on DoorCountyDailyNews.com and WBDK, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters official Matt Dannenberg admitted that using the incorrect statistic in their ad was “a mistake”.  The group spent just over $150,000 to run the attack ad on TV, shortly after receiving an infusion of $150,000 from the shadowy “Together Wisconsin Political Fund”, which does not disclose where it receives its funding.

 “André is as hard-working and thoughtful a legislator as I’ve ever witnessed, and he’s always been very willing to work with us,” stated Larry Bonde, current Wisconsin Conservation Congress Chair, adding “It’s very disappointing to see public misrepresentations about the facts and Rep. Jacque’s record just to advance a partisan political agenda. We need to work with both political parties and it makes it very challenging when anyone chooses to present misleading information.”

 The Wisconsin Conservation Congress is an independent, non-partisan organization that advises the Department of Natural Resources on how to responsibly manage Wisconsin’s natural resources for present and future generations.

“Andre Jacque has been a common sense voice for conservation,” said Rob Bohmann, immediate past Chair of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, adding “These false attacks being leveled against André for purely partisan purposes set back the efforts of all of us who want to take politics out of the equation when dealing with clean water issues.  We should be doing what’s in the best interest of the people of Wisconsin, and these false, sleazy ads aren’t helping any of us.”

Former Kewaunee County Board Chairman Ron Heuer commented on the smear campaign against Jacque, stating, “The voting record that the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters cited in their ad are bills that aren’t related to our groundwater, and they even admitted their statistics were equally misleading. This ad showed that they can’t be trusted and would rather sell out their integrity for political gains.”

The truth is that André Jacque has been working hard to find and implement real solutions that will lead to cleaner water and stronger communities. Jacque’s voting record includes legislation (2017 Act 69) that help homeowners to replace contaminated wells and funds the replacement of failing septic systems. Jacque is also supportive of new DNR regulations that took effect on July 1st that will improve water quality in Door and Kewaunee Counties by reducing runoff in areas with shallow topsoil.

Rep. Jacque has a strong record of legislative leadership in promoting clean water and is a member of the DNR Small Business Advisory Council who has worked on consensus bi-partisan legislation in that capacity:

  • Rep. Jacque was the Assembly author of 2013 Act 12, which the League of Conservation Voters noted “allows municipalities that have formed a joint local water authority to be eligible for funding for clean water improvements and to participate in the safe drinking water loan program.”
  • Rep. Jacque was a co-author of 2013 Act 70, which the League of Conservation Voters praised: “Protecting our waters from runoff pollution from farms, roads, and construction sites is one of Wisconsin’s greatest water challenges. Instead of managing these threats by considering one polluting source at a time, [Act 70] allows the DNR to consider the cumulative effect on the entire watershed.”
  • Rep. Jacque was a co-author of 2013 Act 198, which the League of Conservation Voters noted: “Unused prescription drugs can affect the biology and behavior of fish and other aquatic life. [Act 198] authorizes drug disposal programs to ensure that unused medications are not flushed into our waterways.”
  • Rep. Jacque was a co-sponsor of the request adopted in the 2017-’19 state budget which requires and funds a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study of eastern Wisconsin watersheds to better assess sources of contamination.

Rep. Jacque was publicly praised by some of his Democratic colleagues on the floor of the State Assembly earlier this year for his work on wetlands, including this quote from Rep. Jonathon Brostoff (D-Milwaukee): “The representative from the 2nd District (Rep. Jacque) came out with a fantastic wetlands bill that in fact passed his committee unanimously with broad bipartisan support after it was amended and does exactly what this bill claims to seek to do without putting our sporting heritage at risk, without putting our state’s water at risk and without putting many, many families at risk because of putting in danger important nonfederal wetlands that provide vital flood mitigation. So I want to thank the representative from the 2nd district for his work on that.”