Schimel wastes taxpayer dollars in partisan fight

MADISON — Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected Brad Schimel’s argument that he is entitled to represent the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Department of Public Instruction in Koschkee v. Evers.

Former federal prosecutor and candidate for Attorney General Josh Kaul said, “Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled against Brad Schimel’s attempted power grab. This is a victory for the rule of law.”

In its opinion, the supreme court wrote that “[a]ccepting DOJ’s argument would foist upon Evers and DPI an attorney they do not want (and have discharged), taking a position with which they do not agree.”

It also explained that “accepting DOJ’s argument would give the attorney general breathtaking power” and that “[a]ccepting DOJ’s position would leave no way to determine the scope of the powers vested in a constitutional officer and would essentially leave the attorney general, and not this court, to decide the scope of the superintendent’s constitutional authority.”

Josh Kaul served as a federal prosecutor in Baltimore, one of America’s most violent cities. There, Kaul prosecuted murderers, gang members, and drug traffickers, taking dangerous criminals off the street and making communities more secure. He grew up in Oshkosh and Fond du Lac in a family of law enforcement professionals and teachers. He is running for Attorney General in 2018.

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