Dem AG candidate Josh Kaul’s first TV ad slams Republican incumbent Brad Schimel for a backlog of untested rape kits during his tenure and spending taxpayer money on commemorative coins.

The 30-second spot begins running Tuesday on broadcast TV in statewide markets except for Madison and will air through Election Day.

The ad begins with Kaul seated looking directly at the camera while holding up a gold coin.

After showing the commemorative coin, he then points to a white box on the table in front of him, which he says is a rape kit.

“This doesn’t fight crime,” he says while holding up the gold coin again. “But testing the DNA in one of these can help you catch a dangerous criminal.”

The screen then shows a photo of Schimel as Kaul questions why the AG spent “thousands of taxpayer dollars” on the coins while “over 4,000 rape kits went untested for more than two years.”

The screen then shows a photo of boxes in a warehouse.

The ad then shows Kaul seated in front of the camera once more as he touts his background as a federal prosecutor.

“I prosecuted murderers and drug traffickers. I’m running for attorney general, and I know that you deserve a lot better than this,” Kaul says as he again holds up a gold coin.

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