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State Treasurer Candidate requests ruling to lift burden holding back qualified political candidates

(Madison, WI) Democrat and candidate for State Treasurer Cynthia Kaump requested this week from the Wisconsin Ethics Commission a formal state-level opinion on the use of campaign funds for childcare.

“The additional cost of childcare while running a statewide campaign is stifling.” says Kaump. “Travel and last-minute childcare needs are frequent. Parents will not run if they cannot shoulder the added expense of securing safe and reliable childcare while campaigning.”

A recent Federal ruling on the issue prompted Kaump to ask about the rules in Wisconsin.

“As someone asking to become the financial guardian for Wisconsin, I must consider the fiscal impact everything has on all people.” says Kaump. “If we don’t have the most financially-diverse candidate pool, Wisconsin will likely lose out on having the best candidates step forward. Allowing childcare as a campaign expense would open that door to
better serve candidates who want to serve the you.”

Cynthia Kaump is a single mother, insurance & financial advisor, small business owner, and first-time political candidate for Wisconsin’s Office of the State Treasurer.

She has the experience to build a better financial future and together we can do this!
Kaump’s formal request will be eligible for review by the Wisconsin Ethics Commission at its June 19th meeting.

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