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Joseph Kexel, running as an independent, announces his run for United States Congress.

Kenosha, WI, August 23, 2018 – Joseph Kexel has announced his 2018 run for US Congress in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. He is running as an independent and supports “Liberty, Peace and Prosperity.” Kexel will not be on the ballot, but is registered as a write-in candidate. Kexel said, “It is harder this way (write-in), but if people truly want change they will remember to write me in on election day.”

He said balancing the federal government’s budget is his top priority when elected. “A balanced budget is the key first step to maintaining a sound economy. The national debt was $10.5 trillion in 2008 for my first run for congress. Today, we are looking at 21.3 trillion. It is greater than our GDP now! Obviously, neither Republicans nor Democrats are willing to deal with it.” he said.

Kexel believes that any resistance to balancing the budget immediately is politics as usual. He commented, “It seems most politicians are just attempting to offer lip service to the public regarding this very serious issue. Sounding like you care and actually doing something about it are entirely different things. I find more people are waking up to that fact.”

He continued, “The path to a balanced budget is difficult for nobody will accept any program be terminated. So, the option forward will be two 10% cuts to the entire federal government. I suggest two individual cuts to make the planning easier. I would expect the departments themselves to make the cuts, be it cutting payroll through attrition to modifying the scope of their departments to fit the new budgetary reality.”

He concluded with, “Ultimately, we must get our country’s financial situation under control and that means paying off our debt, too. That will be impossible until we consistently balance our budget and commit to another 10% cut which would create a $500 billion surplus. At that point, we are looking at about a forty plus year national mortgage.”

About Joseph Kexel:
When elected, Joseph Kexel will work on getting the federal government back on track with balanced budgets. Kexel has lived in Kenosha most of his life. He is married, has 2 children and works as a material handler and has a small business on the side.

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