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BELOIT – Dr. Brittany Keyes announced today that State Senator Janis Ringhand has endorsed her in her campaign to represent the 31st District in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Senator Ringhand, an Evansville resident, represents the 15th Wisconsin Senate District, which borders Keyes’ district. Ringhand was elected to the Assembly in 2010 and the Senate in 2014.

“Dr. Keyes is a healthcare professional who chose her career because of a commitment to public service,’’ Ringhand said. “She wants to improve access to health care while lowering costs, strengthen public schools, and form partnerships with rural communities to enhance their economies and preserve their way of life.’’

Keyes, a Beloit resident, said she admires Ringhand and is happy to have her support.

“It’s an honor to earn Senator Ringhand’s endorsement,’’ Keyes said. “Janis is a hard-working, experienced legislator. Her district contains a mix of farms and municipalities similar to mine, and she has authored several significant bills which provide solutions for critical issues facing these areas.’’

Keyes highlighted the challenges faced by Wisconsin’s agricultural communities and the importance of Ringhand’s initiatives to strengthen them.

“Family farms are essential to this state’s economy and culture, and they deserve representatives who value their contributions and respond to their concerns,” Keyes said. “The average age of our farmers continues to rise at an unsustainable rate. We need to help the agricultural community recruit and retain young farmers. Senator Ringhand has made this a priority.”

“Senator Ringhand authored the legislation that created the Veteran Farmer Assistance Outreach program, which supports veteran farmers and provides resources for veterans entering the agricultural field,” Keyes said. “She has also introduced bills to help farmers transfer ownership of their farms to their children and reimburse student debt for graduates operating small farms. I’d like to help her pass these bills into law.”

Ringhand’s is the latest in a string of recent endorsements for Dr. Keyes, including Representatives Mark Spreitzer, Debra Kolste, and Don Vruwink ‒ all of whom represent districts bordering the 31st. She was also recently endorsed by the Wisconsin Education Association Council and 21 local elected officials throughout her district.

“I’ve been all over the district talking to voters, and people are responding to my message,’’ Keyes said. “Endorsements like these make me want to work even harder.’’

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