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MADISON, WI – On Wednesday, the Trump Administration published a proposed rule that will endanger the health of millions of immigrant families, especially children. The proposed rule will change how the government determines who gets admitted to the U.S. or is issued a green card.

Under current law, the government can refuse to give someone lawful permanent residence (green card) or refuse to allow them to enter the U.S. if it determines they are likely to be primarily dependent on the government. The new rule greatly expands the list of benefits that the government must consider when making immigration decisions, and applies a much stricter test for receipt of benefits. For example, immigration officials would penalize someone for getting healthcare through Medicaid or receiving help to put food on the table, and that could jeopardize their ability to be granted a green card enter the country.

“The Trump administration’s newly proposed rule will endanger immigrants and immigrant families, including those with children who are U.S. citizens. They are drastically re-writing immigration rules to put money before family,” said Ken Taylor, executive director of Kids Forward. “This will force Wisconsin families to go without necessary housing, health, or food support or risk not being able to stay together. Even families who are not likely subject to the new rule, may be less likely to seek necessary support for them and their children. It’s immoral and unhealthy. ”

The proposed rule is another attack on immigrants and immigrant families. Most immigrants and their children, the overwhelming majority of whom are citizens, are people of color. This rule is another example of President Trump and his administration creating policies aimed to harm people of color.

These changes will not take effect until after a 60-day comment period, which began yesterday. The federal government needs to review all comments submitted. Kids Forward plans to submit comments and encourages individuals and organizations to speak out, be heard, and share stories. To learn more about the proposed rule please visit<>

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