Grafton – In an article from the USA Today Network, the campaign in Wisconsin’s 6th district is named one of the “25 bellwether races – campaigns that, over the next nine months, could help indicate whether Democrats are riding a wave that could give them control of Congress.”

The article highlights the increasing drift away from the Republican Party in districts like Wisconsin’s 6th. Reflecting that alienation was the sentiments of Lomira resident Anne Rinzel, who said: “The truth is, I’ve always been a Republican, but I’m starting to feel like the Republican Party does not represent me at all.”

“We’re glad to see growing recognition that the contest in Wisconsin’s 6th District could help determine control of the House.” said campaign manager Rick Coelho. “As Dan has traveled the district, it is clear that Glenn’s focus on the latest partisan bickering is being rejected by folks who want a return to leaders who will focus on solutions and bringing people together.”

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