Contact: Micki Duncan


GRAFTON, Wis. – On Wednesday Dan Kohl, candidate for Congress in Wisconsin’s 6th District, announced detailed plans to reform campaign finance laws and end corruption in Washington. Kohl’s 8-part reform agenda lays out his commitments to:

  • Overturn Citizens United and pass the DISCLOSE Act
  • End gerrymandering, which allows elected officials to choose their voters, and institute automatic voter registration at age 18
  • Withhold paychecks from members of Congress during government shutdowns
  • End abuse of taxpayer-funded mailings
  • Refuse campaign donations from corporate political action committees
  • Serve no more than eight years in Congress
  • Post his congressional schedule publicly online
  • Publicize and hold regular town halls when elected

“The American people’s faith in our political system is eroding, and for good reason,” said Kohl. “We need leaders in Congress who will look out for the people they represent, not special interests or corporate donors. We will unrig the system by requiring transparency into political donations, passing laws that restore and protect voting rights, and holding our leaders accountable for their actions.”

Last Thursday, Kohl joined more than 100 other candidates for Congress on a letter to current members of the U.S. House demanding that political reform legislation be the first priority for the next Congress in 2019.

To read Kohl’s reform agenda click here.

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