Campaign raises $425,000 in Q2 2018 and increases cash on hand to over $1.14M

Grafton – The Kohl for Congress campaign announced raising over $425,000 for the second quarter of 2018. This marks the Kohl campaign’s best fundraising quarter to date, and brings the total amount raised to over $1.64 million with over $1,140,000 cash on hand. The fundraising totals do not include any contributions or loans from the candidate.

Additionally, Dan Kohl out-raised incumbent Rep. Glenn Grothman for the fifth straight quarter, increasing his cash-on-hand advantage to over $273,000.

“I’m humbled and energized by the willingness of so many people to invest resources and get behind my call for new leadership coming out of Wisconsin’s 6th congressional district,” said non-profit leader and business executive Dan Kohl. “All the momentum in this race is on our side, and we intend to carry that through to November.”

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