Grafton – In a Washington Post article covering Paul Ryan’s announcement, Glenn Grothman made the following comment:

“He’s got young kids, and I don’t think people realize how hard my job is and look at his job, which must be five times more time consuming,”

In response to Glenn’s complaining, non-profit leader and business executive Dan Kohl issued the following statement:

“Across the 6th District, people face hardships every day. They receive medical bills that strain their family’s finances. They work long hours to support their families at a job where they haven’t seen a significant raise in years. Serving in Congress is a privilege and an honor, not a hardship. To suggest that public service is an underappreciated burden is outrageous and an insult to his hard-working constituents. And it’s just the latest sign that Glenn Grothman just doesn’t get it. If he doesn’t like his job, I’d be honored to take his place representing the 6th District of Wisconsin next year.”

Original Washington Post article available here:

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