Grafton – This morning, Glenn Grothman is attending a town hall in Sheboygan. This meeting is not organized by his Congressional office or his re-election campaign. Instead, this townhall is the second field event organized on Glenn Grothman’s behalf by Americans for Prosperity, and will be held in their Sheboygan field office. Breakfast will be served.

Glenn Grothman has publicly acknowledged his fear of losing reelection, last fall lamenting his fundraising woes and calling his 2018 campaign the toughest of his career. Those fears were likely compounded at the close of 2017, when for the third time he was outraised by Dan Kohl, and saw his cash on hand disadvantage grow.

Americans for Prosperity is part of a Koch network committed to spending $400 million in the 2018 elections, including $20 million to specifically promote the tax bill. Those numbers are large, but are dwarfed by the $1 billion dollars or more a year the Koch brothers are estimated to receive from the GOP tax bill.

“Glenn Grothman has decided to cash in on his vote for the GOP tax bill, going hat in hand to some of that bill’s largest beneficiaries and asking them to fund and run his re-election campaign.” said campaign manager Rick Coelho. “The Koch Brothers threatened to turn off the money spigot if they didn’t get their tax bill. Now that they’ve got their windfall, they’re rewarding the politicians like Glenn Grothman who gave it to them.”

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