GRAFTON, Wis. – On Tuesday Dan Kohl’s campaign for Congress released its second round of television ads as part of a $280,000 ad buy. The ads focus on Kohl’s pledges to protect Medicare and Social Security from partisan attacks and to lower prescription drug costs for Americans.

Shortly after passing a tax bill that added nearly $2 trillion to the national debt in late 2017, congressional leadership proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare in an attempt to offset the tax bill’s impact. Kohl will fight to protect these programs.

“Older Americans have been paying into Social Security and Medicare for decades with the understanding that these benefits would be available to them as seniors,” said Kohl. “It is outrageous that Congress would attempt to spend seniors’ hard-earned money to fund tax breaks for corporations. In Congress I’ll fight to protect Social Security and Medicare for our nation’s seniors and for future generations.”

The ads also focus on skyrocketing prescription drug costs, which make it difficult – and sometimes impossible – for Americans to afford life-saving drugs. Kohl has proposed a number of immediate steps that would lower the cost of prescription drugs, including:

  • Allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices for the 60 million seniors and people with disabilities that it covers.
  • Giving Americans the ability to import prescription drugs from safe countries like Canada when domestic pharmaceutical companies make their drugs unaffordable.
  • Ensuring Congress cracks down on Big Pharma’s predatory practices, which keep lower-cost generic alternatives off the market and arbitrarily raise the prices of life-saving drugs.

The two 15-second spots are airing in the Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Madison markets.

Click the links below to view the ads:

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