Glenn Grothman still refuses to question Russian interference or the Administration’s continuing inaction despite the threat.

Grafton – The last several days have brought more revelations that underscores the deafening silence of Glenn Grothman, Congressional Republicans, and the Administration in light of ongoing Russian aggression against the world’s democracies and their likely intent to continue to interfere in elections in the United States.

A chemical weapons attack using a military-grade nerve agent on the soil of our closest ally has been attributed to Russia. Glenn Grothman and the Administration remain silent. Republican members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence issued a whitewashed report that directly contradicts the unanimous findings of the United States intelligence community. The Administration claims vindication, and Glenn Grothman remains silent. And now the Secretary of State has been fired by tweet, one day after issuing strong words acknowledging likely Russian responsibility for the attack in Britain. Glenn Grothman remains silent.

“Russian efforts to disrupt the world’s democracies now include a chemical weapons attack on the soil of our closest ally,” said non-profit leader and business executive Dan Kohl. “It is time to put politics aside. It’s time to stop whitewashing Putin’s efforts to sway our election. It’s time for the United States to lead and put a brake on Russia’s ongoing criminal aggression. Today I’m repeating my call on Glenn Grothman to demand the imposition of sanctions on Russia authorized by a nearly unanimous congressional vote. We are rapidly approaching the moment when silence is complicity.”

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