Starting 2018 with $600,000 cash on hand, Dan Kohl continues to build momentum

Grafton – The Kohl for Congress campaign announced raising $329,000 for the fourth quarter of 2017. Completing its best fundraising quarter to date, the Kohl campaign ended 2017 having raised $865,000. Over 98% of those funds came from individuals, and fundraising totals do not include any contributions or loans from the candidate.

“Dan is incredibly grateful for the continued support from folks demanding a change in Washington leadership.” said Campaign Manager Rick Coelho. “Dan’s common-sense, solutions-oriented approach resonates with people and is a big part of our fundraising success. We look forward to having the resources necessary for a winning campaign in 2018.”

In October of 2017, Glenn Grothman went on talk radio, lamented his fundraising challenges, and expressed his belief that 2018 would be “the toughest race of my political career.” These most recent fundraising numbers are unlikely to change that assessment.

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